Merrill Family Holidays

Christmas Trees, Fireworks and More!


Christmas Tree Sales, Nov 29th – Dec 24th

OPEN Mon – Sat, 9AM to 9PMDec 24th close 2PM


1825 South Hwy 89, Logan Utah

(Just North of Standard plumbing)



New Year’s Fireworks, Dec 30th-31st

OPEN Dec 30th, 10AM-10PM; 31st, 10AM-12AM


885 South Main Street, Logan Utah

(On the “Y”, at Barker’s Propane) 

When can we legally light fireworks in Utah?

Days to Christmas !!








Special Event Dec 7th

Sid Lancaster Cancer Relief Fund – Community Fundraiser

Each year, I (Laura) have decorated a tree in honor of my Dad, for his Birthday on December 7th. My Dad, Sid Lancaster, passed away in 2003, at the age of 57 after a grueling battle with melanoma (skin) cancer. I miss him very much and particularly in December.
He was an elementary school teacher for many years, then a Principal for many more. He loved kids, had a fourth-grade sense of humor which is probably why he got a long so well with his students. Dad  LOVED the out doors, gardening and taking photos of his adventures.


This year, I realized that my decorated tree could do more than silently pay tribute. On Dec 7th, Dad’s Birthday, I would like to raise some funds for a Cache Valley family currently struggling with cancer because I know how draining physically, emotionally as well as financially cancer treatment can be.


On December 7th, 10% of our sales will be donated for this family. I would also like to auction off my decorated tree to add to that fund. If you would like to support this also, please come join us on the 7th.
This year we have chosen to support a family who’s daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer (a form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). She’s completed her chemo treatments and now recovering and we are hoping for continuing good news. I know this has been a strain on their family.
100% of these donations will go to them for Christmas or whatever this young lady may need.  Thank you so much for any help and well wishes you offer.


(Out of respect for the privacy of the young lady and her family, I do not wish to name them without permission.)

Mission Statement

Helping make Holiday celebrations fun, beautiful and full of happy memories for every family through unique, affordable options.

The Christmas tree is a staple for the Holidays. It brings joy and wonder to our homes and a place to gather with family and friends. Having started out, scraping up the last bits of coin from every nook and cranny to just have a semi-decent Christmas tree, we can empathize with those that struggle.

We strive to find the best we can in variety and quality to give options for all budgets. This mission extends to our Fireworks as well, believing that everyone, at any budget should be able to celebrate our country’s independence whether the show is small or grand.

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