About Us: Our Vision

Our vision for Merrill Family Holidays’ future is to create a safe, inviting place for unique shopping experiences and opportunities to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

We love our customers and the smiles they bring. We love building an environment that is more than just a sales lot but an experience where kids and parents wander as they look for that perfect fresh cut Christmas tree or browse the displays for fun fireworks. We envision a whole world of Holiday wonders, events and activities that you can spend time exploring in the future.

Our Story: How it All Began


My name is James “Jim” Merrill, founder of Merrill Family Holiday Sales. I was born and raised in College Ward and graduated from Mountain Crest High School. After high school I lived in Montana for five years and then moved back in 1990. At the end of 1991, while working at Thiokol and newly married,  I found out that there was too much month at the end of the money. Around the 15th of Dec I needed a Christmas tree and the only one I could find was a 5 ft table top that was in rough shape already. I was scraping up every coin between the seats of my car for it.

That summer, while on vacation in Montana, I told some friends I knew who had been selling fresh cut Christmas trees since 1950 about my experience in Dec and they had a good laugh. They said “show up just before Thanksgiving this year and we will help you out with that.” They did warned me that “if you get bitten by the Christmas tree selling bug, the only cure is formaldehyde.” So November 1992 we opened with 50 trees, out of the back of my truck, and in 6 days they were all gone.

What We Do Now


2017 was my 25th year selling fresh cut Christmas trees in Logan Utah. In the beginning, I just sold wild trees out of Montana, now we’ve added farm grown Christmas trees out of the Northwest, tree stands, and other tree services. We rent Christmas trees for parties and events during December and offer Tree Flocking services for our customers and anyone in the valley who wants to have their Christmas tree flocked. My wife, Laura, has brought her talents in with fresh hand-made wreaths, charms, garland and other decorations.

For the first 10 years, while my family grew, it was really a hobby business but I was full of BIG ideas. Hard times hit and after some family troubles and several years of readjusting, my life changed for the better In 2011 Laura joined our family. These big ideas were talked about and began to be implemented where we could. We are a long way from where we started and a long way from where we want to be. We’re adding new things and ideas every year to create a genuine, old fashioned, yet unique Christmas experience that you will find no where else in Logan Utah.

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